The Gospel of Jesus Christ in Context

Quick Summary

(Quick summary of the Gospel. Read this first you've never heard it at all. Reading time: 3+ min.)

"Tell Me the Story!"

(The Gospel as a story with the verses sprinkled in as references. Verses hover over many links if you have a mouse. Reading time: about 7 min.)

"Give Me the Word!"

(Slides that use Bible verses, or the Word of God, to tell the story. Each has a brief overview on top to give context. Approx 10 minutes.)

His Word has power: it's already impacted over a billion people. Your final decision to accept or reject His message will decide both your future for eternity and whether He helps you live your life to fullest potential He created you for. So, please read one or more of the links above first with an eye to His verses. Before you do, pray God speaks to you and read with an open mind.

If you aren't moved yet, I also have an Evidence Page that makes a quick, well-rounded argument that the Bible is the true Word of God. I'm slowly adding links and books you might enjoy. If the site helps you or you have questions, feel free to contact me here by email!