Priests are "Father?"

Catholics call the Priests father because they stand in for God the Father as mediators. Jesus said don't call anyone on Earth father in place of God the Father. That's an easy contradiction.

Far as priests, Hebrews says Jesus gave us access to God by His blood and our faith in Him. God lives in each of us now. Peter says Jesus made us all into priests now. We can go directly to God the Father in prayer. Jesus continues to intercede for us. Paul says all believers are also ambassadors for Christ who work on His behalf. The Catholic Church makes a false distinction between priests and people when we're all priests.

The Word of God does mention pastors: leaders of local churches. Paul says pastors must know sound doctrine. They're disqualified from leading if they don't. Previous sections proved Catholic priests are guilty of idolatry, blasphemy, and contradictions to God's Word. They're not allowed to lead a church. They must also repent, submit to Jesus Christ through the real Gospel, and learn the truths of the Bible. Then, God may let them lead a Biblical church.

You should stay out of the Catholic Church since God's Word warns not to associate with unrepentant, false teachers.

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