Testing Catholicism Using the Word of God

Many people say they believe in Jesus. Catholics and Protestants are divided. Each claim God gave them their beliefs, say different things about how we're saved, and making the wrong choice leads us to burn forever. Jesus and Paul said to avoid false teaching that can cost us our souls. How do we make the right choice?

The Word of God is the ultimate authority. It also existed before any church. We'll look at the Gospel of Jesus Christ to see how we're saved. We'll see proof of that across the Bible. God's Word says a real prophet will never contradict the Gospel or Word of God. We will compare the beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church with what we read in the Word of God. We will expose Catholicism as false teaching using four, critical flaws.

After the Gospel itself, the rest takes under 15 minutes to read. Optional links allow you to dig deeper. Most of the links are Bible verses.

A. What Jesus Christ Preached

B. Why We Believe It

  1. Jesus Fulfilled Old Testament Prophecies
  2. Whole Bible Teaches Same, Saving Message
  3. Character of Jesus and His Apostles
  4. Worked miracles

(Note on miracles: Even if Catholics had miracles, they can't contradict Scripture. That's in 1-3.)

C. The Church Takes Over

  1. Apostles Finish Scripture
  2. Same Message Keeps Getting Results

D. New religion appears: Roman Catholicism

E. False Teachings of Catholicism

  1. The Pope is Infallible?
  2. Praying to Mary and the Saints?
  3. Priests are "Father?"
  4. Saved by Our Works?


Believe in the real Gospel. Then, you live according to God's Word, not man's words. Join a Biblical church teaching both. God will be highly pleased with your obedience, make you more like Christ, and use you as an instrument of His will. He also lavishly rewards those who choose Him in heaven.

(Spanish version here.)

(More of the Gospel, more proof it's true, and how to live it.)